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Workplace/Office Wellness Consulting

Companies/groups/individuals interested in workplace wellness programs and consulting services to their employees can utilize my workplace/office wellness services. Regardless of location, I can present in-person at your location, in my Naples, FLA office location or through GoToMeeting and Skype software to effectively deliver the health and wellness information. Wellness can and should start in the workplace and can help in lowering the cost of medical insurance and increase employee productivity and satisfaction rate. Programs can range from simple speaking events and “Lunch N” Learns” to more structured wellness and fitness programs with incentives to meet certain criteria. Companies interested in adding on-site fitness or wellness centers for their employees will be given the option to explore opportunities for equipment and customized lay-out designs, specific to the organization’s needs.

Based on the needs of the business or company, group wellness sessions can be offered and/or individual counseling sessions for employees. I look forward to speaking with you and I am excited to share my passion for health and wellness with you.

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