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Wellness Speaking & Presenting

I offer dynamic and motivational health and wellness presentations and speaking events for businesses and groups that are interested in offering health and wellness information to their employees. Regardless of location, I am able to present in-person or through GoToMeeting and Skype software to effectively deliver all wellness information. Presentations and speaking events can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs and wants of the business or group. Call it a “Lunch N’ Learn” if you may. Wellness presentations generally cover resistance training with demonstrations, cardiovascular training, nutrition, stress management, fat-loss, weight-loss, supplementation and many other popular health-related topics the company employees would like to learn more about.

Wellness presentations will also include a Q & A session for all questions covering health and fitness. This is your chance to ask for my expertise. I look forward to speaking with you and I am excited to share my passion for health and wellness with you.

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