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Online Fitness Training

I specialize in developing custom online health and wellness programs for fat-loss, weight-loss, muscle building, sport-specific, rehabilitation, workplace wellness, and general fitness. My passion is getting YOU fit.

The Online Fitness Challenge is a custom-made holistic fitness and wellness program that will burn body fat and build lean muscle. It is online personal training and nutrition, made specifically for YOU and your goals. Distance is no longer a factor when getting into shape. I will train and coach you regardless of your geographical location.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, lose weight, increase endurance and energy, increase strength, or all of the above, your custom program will cater to your goals and help you get there much faster and safer than doing it alone. Workouts are made for the gym facility you are currently using, or they can be made for at-home with minimal to no equipment at all. Pictures, descriptions, and a step-by- step guide and overview are included to take all the guesswork out of working out, eating right and living a holistic healthy lifestyle. You will also receive the “Dominate Your Day” book which contains 365 daily motivationals for your health and inspiration.

The Online Fitness Challenge programs focus on quality, not quantity. By being creative, we can efficiently manage our time and workouts to make the most of our day spending less time in the gym exercising and more time doing what we are passionate about in life. Whether you goal is to be a fit mom at 50, a superior athlete in your 20’s, or just plain physically fit, this program will allow you to realize your true potential in health and wellness. I will guide you every step of the way with check-ins and expert advice. All you need is determination and a goal to become a healthier you. Are YOU ready?

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